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Vol. 9 Num. 5 July/August 2010

Unified storage offers savings and efficiency

Unified, or multiprotocol, arrays put file and block storage in the same box. It's convenient and, according to our survey, an efficient way to manage storage. "Two for the price of one" has always been an effective marketing strategy, and while it's not entirely accurate when talking about multiprotocol or unified storage, the idea does seem to have some appeal for many data storage shops. In our latest Snapshot survey, 53% of respondents reported that their companies use multiprotocol arrays. It's not surprising why: 35% of these users said using disk capacity more efficiently was the main reason they went the multiprotocol route. But for 29%, the cost savings of having both block and file storage in one box was the key motivator, closely followed by those who felt it would be easier to manage the two together (28%). Current users seem to be sold on the unified storage concept; 80% have more than one multiprotocol array installed. Users were roughly split on how they divvy up their unified arrays: 37% allot more capacity for ...

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  • Align data protection with business importance

    There's a big difference between backup and business continuity. Any-point-in-time technologies can extend data protection so that application use is protected as well.

  • The new primary storage

    A technology borrowed from backup may end up the biggest thing to happen to storage in a long time.

  • Cloud storage ecosystems mature

    by  Terri McClure

    Vendors have emerged that provide a bridge to cloud storage services, as well as extended security, availability and portability to cloud storage service provider offerings.