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Vol. 9 Num. 5 July/August 2010

IT still an awkward fit at most companies

However you look at it -- top down or bottom up -- most IT operations are treated as expense centers, fiefdoms or afterthoughts, rather than critical parts of the business. It was predicted in the early '90s that outsourcing your IT operations to IT experts like IBM and EDS would be the wave of the future. The thinking was that organizations should focus on their core competencies, whatever they may be, and let IT companies come in and do what they do best. Large professional services organizations hired the IT staffs of the very customers they had contracts with so that the transition would be seamless. Service-level agreements (SLAs) were created so businesses would be assured that their IT needs were being met. In turn, IT service providers were free to optimize and streamline as long as their customers were happy with the service. There was a ton of buzz around this idea: It was heralded as the new way to manage IT and was going to revolutionize business. But the IT outsourcing market ultimately failed after a short period ...

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  • Align data protection with business importance

    There's a big difference between backup and business continuity. Any-point-in-time technologies can extend data protection so that application use is protected as well.

  • The new primary storage

    A technology borrowed from backup may end up the biggest thing to happen to storage in a long time.

  • Cloud storage ecosystems mature

    by  Terri McClure

    Vendors have emerged that provide a bridge to cloud storage services, as well as extended security, availability and portability to cloud storage service provider offerings.