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Vol. 9 Num. 5 July/August 2010

Hospitals strive for centralized image archives

New regulations mandate the digitization and retention of medical records, leaving hospital IT pros looking to cut costs by centralizing image archives. But there are many technical and political hurdles to overcome. Hospital and medical center IT departments are struggling to control the storage of electronic medical images as new regulations require digitization and retention of medical records. Many of the issues related to these efforts will be familiar to enterprise IT pros in other industries, from application integration and centralization of IT assets for delivery as a service to internal customers, to coping with regulatory requirements that contribute to data growth. But when it comes to the healthcare sector, the same decisions are magnified because the business is literally life and death. Hospital IT managers say that in addition to technical integration issues, interdepartmental politics, and the question of who will assume the risk for the creation and preservation of medical image data make the effort to bring ...

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  • Align data protection with business importance

    There's a big difference between backup and business continuity. Any-point-in-time technologies can extend data protection so that application use is protected as well.

  • The new primary storage

    A technology borrowed from backup may end up the biggest thing to happen to storage in a long time.

  • Cloud storage ecosystems mature

    by  Terri McClure

    Vendors have emerged that provide a bridge to cloud storage services, as well as extended security, availability and portability to cloud storage service provider offerings.