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January 2014 Vol. 12 No. 11

Use of rogue online file-sharing services pose a real threat

A surprising number of firms suspect employees of using consumer online file-sharing services/products on their work devices to store and share sensitive data. How dangerous are rogue consumer online file-sharing services when introduced to a company? That all depends on the files: sensitive or not, regulated or not, critical or not. When Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) set out to interview IT managers on the trend known as shadow IT, the results were unnerving. Many of the companies surveyed, even those in heavily regulated industries, have employees who use personal file-sharing services outside of those approved and managed by their IT departments. Worse yet, they're storing sensitive information -- subject to regulatory and compliance laws -- in those services. ESG defines the online file-sharing (OFS) market as products that help customers share, access or collaborate on documents or files shared in a public, private or hybrid cloud, or over the Internet. This includes products such as Box, Citrix ShareFile, Dropbox and EMC...

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