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November 2016, Vol. 15, No. 9

Take the sting out of switching cloud data storage providers

We've come a long way in the decade since AWS Simple Storage Service debuted. No longer just for developers or buckets of objects, companies today deploy cloud storage for a variety of architectures (i.e., block and file as well as object) and uses, ranging from backup and disaster recovery to archiving and analytics. Even primary storage for workloads can now run in the cloud. With benefits such as increased agility, pay-as-you-go fees and near-infinite scalability, what more could you want? Well, there is one thing. You may one day need to switch cloud data storage providers, and this can be a painful exercise, even under the best of circumstances. Reasons to switch could include finding your current cloud storage provider's service levels and capabilities not up to snuff (e.g., to meet availability or performance levels required for apps or expanding uses). For example, if you initially sign up for a cloud backup service, but later require cloud-enabled disaster recovery or analytics, too, you may discover the provider's ...

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