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November 2016, Vol. 15, No. 9

A look at the future of data storage careers

As technologies converge in the modern data center, traditional jobs and responsibilities are being reshaped. In Storage magazine's most recent storage salary survey, data showed that these days, on average, storage pros spend less than one-third of their time on storage projects. While this may seem to indicate a misapplication of talent, it's more likely a harbinger of changing roles already emerging for storage professionals. It really is a new IT world. The on-the-job certainties of the past have almost all been upended, first by the rapid uptake of virtualization technology and more recently by the legitimization of the cloud and the adoption of solid state. While managing storage is still a part of the job description most of the time, storage technology and data storage careers look very different than in the past. A case in point is the experience of Shawn O'Brien, director of architecture and infrastructure at Room & Board, a multilocation furniture retailer based in Minneapolis that recently shifted from disk to ...

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