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Vol. 3 No. 5 July 2004

Technology Report: WORM Tape

Archive with WORM tape WORM Field Report We recently spoke with John Lowe, associate vice president, network systems engineering, at investment firm Morgan Keegan & Co. Inc. about his WORM tape system. Q: What type of WORM tape system do you have? A: We have a Spectra Logic 64K AIT3 in our main data center and a Spectra Logic 20K AIT3 in our business continuity center. Q: How much data is currently stored on WORM tape? A: We have 3TB. Q: WORM tape offers a cost-effective solution that helps satisfy regulatory requirements. What do you use it for? A: We use the WORM tape library for the SEC's rule 17a-4, and for e-mail, instant messaging and fax archiving. Q: Did you consider disk or software products before you purchased your WORM tape library? A: Yes, we considered disk and other solutions in late 2002 and early 2003; although vendors promised compliance, the government was silent on their acceptance of anything other than optical or WORM tape. Q: What kind of system did you put in place to make sure your cartridges are WORM, ...

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Features in this issue

  • Technology Report: WORM Tape

    WORM tape is increasingly being used for long-term archival purposes. Why? Because it's cheap, portable and satisfies today's demanding regulations.

  • First Look: Copan Systems Revolution 200T

    by  Lawrence Didsbury

    Can the Revolution 200T, which uses a new technology called MAID, straighten up your messy backup situation?

  • Tune down costs

    by  Marc Farley

    To save money and get the best performance, match the right type of storage with the application it's best suited for. We list several practical ways to optimize your storage.

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