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Vol. 3 No. 5 July 2004

Servers meet storage, virtually

Forward-thinking IT professionals are deploying virtual server technologies in droves. On Intel platforms, virtual machine software from VMware Inc., an EMC Corp. company, Palo Alto, CA, is spreading like wildfire. With sales at approximately $100 million last year, VMware recently announced that it now has 2.5 million users of its software, and 5,500 enterprise server customers worldwide. Microsoft Corp.'s Virtual Server is expected to see wide adoption next year when it is released and the virtual machine market should reach about $800 million in short order, predicts Thomas Bittman, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner Inc. Closer to home, in a survey of Storage magazine readers last month, a whopping 80.3% indicated that they were using, evaluating or planning to evaluate some form of virtual server technology. (See "Snapshot: Are you investigating virtual server technology?") What do virtual machines have to do with storage? Quite a bit, as many early adopters have discovered. The kind of storage you use can ...

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Features in this issue

  • Technology Report: WORM Tape

    WORM tape is increasingly being used for long-term archival purposes. Why? Because it's cheap, portable and satisfies today's demanding regulations.

  • First Look: Copan Systems Revolution 200T

    by  Lawrence Didsbury

    Can the Revolution 200T, which uses a new technology called MAID, straighten up your messy backup situation?

  • Tune down costs

    by  Marc Farley

    To save money and get the best performance, match the right type of storage with the application it's best suited for. We list several practical ways to optimize your storage.

Columns in this issue