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Vol. 3 No. 5 July 2004

Hands-On Review: Celerity FC-24XL

Celerity HBA is a Storage Star Product snapshot Product: Atto Technology Celerity FC-24XL storage adapter Description: Fibre Channel host bus adapter Key features: Quad- ported 2Gb/sec interface Price: $2,600 Pro: High throughput, onboard CPU, sizeable DMA memory Con: High price After testing Atto Technology Inc.'s quad-ported, independent channel host bus adapter (HBA) with an onboard Intel processor, it seems clear what industry the company is targeting. The Celerity FC-24XL storage adapter, Atto's newest, fastest, most densely ported HBA, could have been called Celebrity, because Atto seems to have had Hollywood in mind when it was developed. Hollywood movie production houses were among the early adopters of Fibre Channel (FC) storage area networks (SANs). Because they must move large volumes of data between editing stations to manipulate audio and video characteristics, applications often require the largest data pipe available. If you've noticed how quickly new DVDs hit the video store shelves, you can chalk it up to the ...

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Features in this issue

  • Technology Report: WORM Tape

    WORM tape is increasingly being used for long-term archival purposes. Why? Because it's cheap, portable and satisfies today's demanding regulations.

  • First Look: Copan Systems Revolution 200T

    by  Lawrence Didsbury

    Can the Revolution 200T, which uses a new technology called MAID, straighten up your messy backup situation?

  • Tune down costs

    by  Marc Farley

    To save money and get the best performance, match the right type of storage with the application it's best suited for. We list several practical ways to optimize your storage.

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