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Vol. 3 No. 5 July 2004

Database Takes Toll on NAS

The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) generates a lot of data managing traffic on the North Dallas Tollway and President George Bush Turnpike--about 1 million Oracle 9i transactions per day in its main toll tag reading application. It also processes 1.2 million "violation" images per day--digital shots of cars passing through unattended toll booths, with 15 and 30 images per car. All that data lives on NetApp filers--four in all, including a NearStore R200 for the violation images, older F760 and F840s and a FAS940 for the Oracle 9i. Initially, NTTA connected its Oracle 9i server to the 940 just like it did with its other filers--as a network share over Ethernet. But performance was only OK that way, reports Shannon Burnett, NTTA's MIS manager. Since then, they've attached the server directly to the 940 over Fibre Channel, and performance has been much better. Managing the NAS and Fibre-attached NetApp storage, meanwhile, is transparent to Burnett. "It's has been kind of seamless," he reports. If a filer were to go down, "...

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    WORM tape is increasingly being used for long-term archival purposes. Why? Because it's cheap, portable and satisfies today's demanding regulations.

  • First Look: Copan Systems Revolution 200T

    by  Lawrence Didsbury

    Can the Revolution 200T, which uses a new technology called MAID, straighten up your messy backup situation?

  • Tune down costs

    by  Marc Farley

    To save money and get the best performance, match the right type of storage with the application it's best suited for. We list several practical ways to optimize your storage.

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