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Vol. 2 No. 3 May 2003

The world of storage is healthier than ever

I write this the day after returning from the spring "Storage Management 2003" show in Chicago, put on by the owners of this very magazine. Without giving them excessive stroking, the show really is the best in the biz. (No, they don't pay me to go there or even to write this column, so I don't need to make them happy). There were a real IT professionals, with real problems and get this--budget dollars! I spent time catching up with IT guys and vendors, and what I heard was encouraging. In the face of a all-around uncertainty, it seems IT is back to spending money. Even better, it appears that IT is spending money fixing legitimate problems--and that means they are spending money with innovators as well as the establishment. The rumor that EMC made their number and returned to profitability gave the whole market a palpable lift. Veritas is whispering positive results. Cool, but not as cool as what I heard from some of the little dudes. It's hard to be a startup or small player among giants. The only way to get any attention is ...

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