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Vol. 2 No. 3 May 2003

SRM Software Players Cook Up New Pricing Models

As more IT shops deploy networked storage, many storage resource management (SRM) vendors are moving to capacity-based pricing, rather than the server- or processor-based pricing models of old. Among the vendors now charging according to capacity are Sun, TeraCloud, Astrum, recently acquired by EMC, and newcomer Deepfile. These vendors join Hewlett-Packard, which always charged according to capacity. Why the change? According to Robert Bingham, vice president of marketing at TeraCloud, which makes the SpaceNet SRM package, capacity-based pricing is "easier for customers to understand," and scales "as the size of the enterprise increases." Gone are the days of counting processors in the system, or the number of hosts you've connected to the SAN. Processor-based pricing, in particular, gets very complicated in high-end Unix environments, says James Staten, director of marketing for storage software at Sun Microsystems. "Imagine an F15K server that uses the dynamic domain capability," he suggests. What happens if the SRM discovers ...

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