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Vol. 2 No. 3 May 2003

Is HSM ready for open-systems storage?

The drive to better align data storage policies to business needs is spurring the development of new storage management tools. Two goals are improved efficiency of assets through better utilization and greater effectiveness of people through automation. These goals converge in a renewed effort underway by several vendors to reintroduce a technology that's been around for many years--hierarchical storage management (HSM). This time-honored mainframe technology (see "When disk wasn't cheap") never caught on in the Windows and Unix worlds. But changes in technology suggest you should take another look at HSM. And if you're thinking of implementing HSM, consider how to integrate HSM into your open systems environments. A solution in search of a problem? Several factors have combined to limit the adoption of HSM in open systems, notably: Dramatically falling prices for disk storage Distributed nature of open systems environments Fundamental characteristics of open system apps Traditionally, the driving force behind HSM was the high ...

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