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Vol. 3 No. 9 November 2004

Storage bin: A business with a heart

Go figure. Sometimes when you peel away all the competitiveness, positioning and baloney that pervades our industry, and look really, really hard, it's amazing what you can find. It seems that not every vendor in our world is a soulless, money-grubbing scuzzbucket. A few years ago a pal of mine, Brian Casey from Daymark Storage, asked me to help him raise money for his pet charity, Sylvia's Haven. Sylvia is a 75-year-old sweetheart who for years has been helping homeless and battered women with children get back on their feet, get financially healthy and get a home. Brian knew that I rub shoulders with many storage industry muckety-mucks with lots of money. I figured maybe it would help me get into heaven, so what the heck. I sent out an e-mail and "suggested" that some of these vendors would be well served to give a little back to society. Some did. In the first two years, storage folks gave the charity $50,000. This year, I decided to step up the pressure a tad, and we raised another $50,000. It was great. I was sitting at a ...

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Features in this issue

  • The search for cost-effective disaster recovery

    Creating an efficient DR strategy starts with determining the value of your company's applications and data. You can find the right mix of DR technologies to protect your data without breaking the bank.

  • Accommodating arrays

    by  Jerome Wendt

    Modern storage arrays offer disk types to meet any need -- costly Fibre Channel (FC) disks for high-end applications requiring superior performance and availability, and lower-priced SATA disks for less-critical data. The arrays also come with mixed RAID configurations. But selecting the right mix of disks and RAID levels requires understanding the impact of those decisions.

  • Cheap SANs--Hype or Hot?

    Low-cost SANs still looking for a market

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