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Vol. 11 Num. 3 May 2012

Cloud storage not so spooky anymore

With lower prices, no vendor lock-in and endless data storage capacity, cloud storage is getting downright friendly these days. Find out why more users are considering cloud storage services. One way you can tell a technology is maturing is when the competition among its purveyors starts to heat up. Cloud storage still has an uphill climb to prove that it’s enterprise-worthy, but the recent, and almost simultaneous, announcements from Amazon, Google and Microsoft about lowering their prices suggest it’s getting a lot closer to broader acceptance. Those three behemoths are the “real” storage behind scores of cloud storage services, along with other providers such as AT&T Synaptic, Nirvanix and Rackspace. They don’t just command our attention because of who they are; we notice because they’re big enough in the cloud storage market to have the power to effectively control the direction the technology will take in the next few years. By lowering their prices within days of one another, the Big Three are clearly squaring off to ...

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Features in this issue

  • Cloud storage for archiving

    by  Phil Goodwin, Contributor

    Cloud archiving services can offer accessibility and data preservation at a fraction of the cost of building an on-site archive infrastructure.

  • DAS lives

    by  George Crump

    Direct-attached storage may seem passé, but it’s making a comeback and gaining widespread interest.

  • Recovery slows for storage shops

    by  Rich Castagna

    Storage budgets have been recovering, but progress might be slowing. Storage managers are looking for tools to get more out of the gear they have or plan to buy.

Columns in this issue