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Vol. 6 No. 8 October 2007

Storage Bin: Leaving you in good hands

For the sake of the team, the time has come to let a new player have his shot. After 114 years of enjoying our time together on this back page every month, it's time to pass the baton to my younger, smarter (and far better looking) colleague Tony Asaro. I've enjoyed this opportunity to chat with you about various things and am forever grateful for the opportunity. Where am I going? Nowhere. I just realized that while I believe the entire world revolves around data, and data lives on storage, there are new frontiers I find fascinating and listening to me ramble about such things might not be as interesting to some folks reading a magazine called Storage. I find myself pondering the interdependencies of infrastructure and the meaning of life--kind of Zen IT--and wrestling with where the money is going to move to and when. My ADD has gotten the best of me perhaps. Tony, on the other hand, still lives, eats and breathes storage. The other day someone asked me a question I normally would have known the answer to, but I was too far ...

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Features in this issue

  • Storage still lacks energy metrics

  • Top 10 tips of the summer of 2006

    by Staff

    Storage, security and open source were the front runners in our tally of the Top 10 SMB tips for the summer of 2006.

  • How useful are storage benchmarks?

    Most storage vendors like to tout how well their gear performed on benchmark tests, but the results may not always be as they first appear. The benchmarking process can be easily manipulated because of the large number of variables that influence performance results. To level the playing field, test results need to be categorized by product type, configuration standards need to be defined for each category and vendors must strictly adhere to the configurations.

Columns in this issue

  • Storage Bin: Leaving you in good hands

    It's time for a changing of the guard for the Storage Bin column. Steve Duplessie, whose witty and perceptive insights have graced Storage magazine from day one, is stepping aside to make room for ESG's Tony Asaro to take up residency on our end page.