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Vol. 5 No. 11 January 2007

iSCSI for everybody

For the longest time, the storage industry positioned iSCSI as either a low-end solution for small businesses or a departmental technology for larger companies. But the technology is proving more versatile, with products emerging to fit nearly every need. Econnergy Energy in Spring Valley, NY, is a great example of a business that's stretching the potential of iSCSI throughout its environment. It recently purchased EqualLogic's PS3600X array with serial-attached SCSI (SAS) drives to support SQL Server and Oracle databases, and VMware ESX Servers. The company also bought an EqualLogic PS100E SATA II-based array for use as a disaster recovery target. EqualLogic's storage is priced at approximately $20,000 for 2TB or $30,000 fully redundant. To balance the cost of the EqualLogic arrays, Econnergy stores all of its archival data, including PDFs of customer invoices, on cheaper Linux-based boxes running iSCSI software from Open-E GmbH. "The two [products] serve completely different needs," says Steve Schroeder, Econnergy's director ...

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  • Protect remote-office data

    Centralizing remote-office and branch-office (ROBO) apps and their data in the primary data center has enormous economies of scale. These remote-data apps cut the amount of data sent over the wire, making it possible to economically back up remote data to a central site. We provide a sampling of the various ROBO data management products on the market, and describe how they can best be implemented.

  • DC saves energy for storage

  • iSCSI for everybody

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