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Vol. 5 No. 11 January 2007

RapidIO steams into storage

RapidIO might sound like Europe's latest entry for high-speed rail transport, but rather than shuttling passengers about, RapidIO moves data faster and more efficiently than some existing interconnect technologies. RapidIO is a packet-switched fabric design that had its genesis in work begun by Motorola in 1997. Motorola's efforts were bolstered by Mercury Computer when it released an initial specification in 1999, but the technology has since flown under the radar of most storage professionals. However, with new specifications recently released and more on the way--not to mention a growing membership in its supporting trade association that includes some notable storage companies like EMC and AMCC--that's likely to change. Although not specifically designed for storage applications, RapidIO's high speed, low-latency capabilities and small packaging could replace some of the proprietary ASICs currently used in backplane and other internal storage implementations. "RapidIO is a full 10Gb serial fabric, and it gives you really low...

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Features in this issue

  • Protect remote-office data

    Centralizing remote-office and branch-office (ROBO) apps and their data in the primary data center has enormous economies of scale. These remote-data apps cut the amount of data sent over the wire, making it possible to economically back up remote data to a central site. We provide a sampling of the various ROBO data management products on the market, and describe how they can best be implemented.

  • DC saves energy for storage

  • iSCSI for everybody

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