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Vol. 5 No. 2 April 2006

User needed more than SAN management tools could give

TIRED OF WAITING for EMC or another tier-one vendor to deliver root-cause analysis software for its SAN, Countrywide Financial Corp. purchased and deployed Onaro's SANscreen to manage its 5,000-port Brocade fabric. With almost two petabytes of capacity, the vast majority of it on EMC devices, "we were looking to them to provide this functionality," says Michael Crocker, VP of enterprise storage-area management at the real-estate mortgage lender. Unfortunately, "they just aren't there yet," he says. EMC has kept Countrywide apprised of its work on porting SMARTS, a network fault-correlation package that it bought last year, but Crocker says he expects it will take some time for it to work well with Fibre Channel (FC). Last month, EMC announced that SMARTS could discover its NAS devices and hinted at an FC release this summer. Specifically, Countrywide brought in Onaro to report on and monitor the availability of its paths from the host, through the fabric and down to the storage. "It does that quite well," says Crocker. Upon ...

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Features in this issue

  • Fine-tune storage networks

    How key SAN components, principally host bus adapters and switches, are configured will determine overall SAN performance. If you know what to look for and how to make adjustments, performance issues can be greatly reduced.

  • Voice apps can strain storage

    Digital voice recordings are creeping up on storage like e-mail did a decade or so ago, but they're roughly 1,000 times larger per element. Here's how to prevent them from overwhelming your data center.

  • iSCSI moves up the ranks

  • New life for InfiniBand

    InfiniBand storage is finally emerging, but despite its cost, speed and scalability advantages over Fibre Channel, acceptance has been slow in enterprise data centers. But clustered, high-performance computing and demanding applications have helped renew interest in InfiniBand-based storage networks.

  • New DLT drive tops a terabyte

  • Finding Data

    Archiving applications are increasingly being used to minimize online data stores and to meet compliance requirements. Most of those archivers include search features, but the capabilities vary widely. Understanding how these search tools work will help you find the best fit for your company.

Columns in this issue

  • The winners of Storage magazine's Products of the Year were surprising

    Storage Bin: The winners of Storage magazine's Products of the Year were surprising, as so few of them were big-name storage vendors. Here's Steve Duplessie's take on the subject.

  • Deploying Intelligent Information Management applications

    By deploying Intelligent Information Management applications, organizations can improve resource management by eliminating the storage of duplicate data, reduce risk by quickly responding to discovery requests, comply with record-retention and privacy regulations, and restore the right data faster.

  • Misplaced priorities

    by  Stephen Foskett

    In this age of compliance and despite well-publicized cases of data theft, a recent security survey from GlassHouse Technologies indicates that few companies are paying much attention to storage security.