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Vol. 11 Num. 2 April 2012

Managing storage for virtual servers

It can still be a struggle at times, but managing storage in virtual server environments is better understood today, with tighter integration and more effective management tools. Storage management has developed into a discipline in its own right, driven by the growth of data and the emergence of standards such as Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI and NFS, which have enabled the centralization and standardization of storage systems. As virtualization has become the main technology for server and desktop optimization, storage has been a key component in delivering highly scalable virtualized solutions. Without centralized storage, certain features such as nondisruptive virtual machine (VM) migration wouldn’t have been possible. However, while storage has provided significant benefits, it also poses new challenges for both storage and virtualization administrators. Virtualization adds another layer of complexity in understanding the relationship between a server and the storage it uses. That layer of abstraction makes it difficult to ...

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  • Storage for big data

    by  Eric Slack

    Big data analytics will place new burdens on data storage systems. Here are some of the key features those systems will need to meet the challenges of big data.

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