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Vol. 1 No. 10 December 2002

Vendors and CIM: How Deep is Their Love?

At this fall's Storage Networking World, 32 vendors participated in the Storage Networking Industry Association's CIM and Bluefin (now the Storage Management Interface Specification) interoperability demo, suggesting that the reign of CIM-based storage management is just around the corner. But according to John Webster, founder of the Data Mobility Group, most participants demonstrated fairly rudimentary CIM capabilities-modeling the CIM object, enabling them to be discovered by a CIM-based management application-but little configuration or control functionality. The good news is that supporting CIM appears to be "a fairly simple process," Webster says. "If you want to throw the resources at it, you can get it done." CIM providers, for the time being, are being implemented as proxy agents running on generic management servers. Once the spec settles down, they'll be embedded into devices. Some vendors, it must be said, are already demonstrating more robust CIM/Bluefin functionality. AppIQ, a CIM-based storage management software ...

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Features in this issue

  • CTRC Mirrors with iSCSI

    The Cancer Therapy and Research Center in San Antonio has aggressive uptime goals for IT resources at its two facilities.

  • IBM Demos Storage Tank

    Big Blue's new Autonomic Computing Organization is working on technologies that will reduce the human costs of running complex computing and storage systems.

  • SNIA Relaunches Supported Solutions Forum

    Eighteen months ago, the Storage Networking Industry Association announced the formation of the Supported Solutions Forum.

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