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Vol. 1 No. 10 December 2002

Learn from mainframe storage

Transitioning from mainframes to a SAN When transitioning from the direct-attached world into networked storage, much of the general skill set remains the same. Still, there are differences. Roger Cable, a senior systems programmer at Allegheny Energy Inc. in Hagerstown, MD, currently supports MVS and some Unix. If he were to switch to a SAN setup, he says, "What I'd need to do is learn more about different operating systems and how they function, booting from the SAN," and other things that are SAN-specific. The company also runs Windows and Linux, so he would need to learn about those environments. Also, don't neglect to train on tools associated with the different environments. It's human nature to learn only what you need for the specific operating system you work with the most, and SANs require broader-based knowledge. There are also some mindset tweaks to look out for. "A major change for most mainframe people is the idea of managing remotely," says Mike Karp, senior analyst with Enterprise Management Associates in Boulder...

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Features in this issue

  • CTRC Mirrors with iSCSI

    The Cancer Therapy and Research Center in San Antonio has aggressive uptime goals for IT resources at its two facilities.

  • IBM Demos Storage Tank

    Big Blue's new Autonomic Computing Organization is working on technologies that will reduce the human costs of running complex computing and storage systems.

  • SNIA Relaunches Supported Solutions Forum

    Eighteen months ago, the Storage Networking Industry Association announced the formation of the Supported Solutions Forum.

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