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Vol. 1 No. 10 December 2002

Creating a storage services group

Think about what you'd do if you were rolling out a new product or service. To develop something that sells, you don't just get up on Monday morning, come up with an idea and take it to market. Instead, a thorough product development process would include market research, skills and asset assessment, a development effort and finally, a series of sales and marketing programs. The same thing is true when creating a storage services group within IT. CIOs can't just focus an organization on storage haphazardly. Rather, the effort is most likely to succeed if IT executives assess the IT and business environment, design the right solutions and set up realistic long- and short-term goals. Tiered services can meet most needs GOLD SILVER BRONZE Performance requirements High Medium Medium to low Redundancy Complete Some None Mirroring Synchronous Discretionary No Backup process Online Online Offline Staff skills High High to medium Medium Escalation process Immediate Immediate to ASAP Best effort Vendor maintenance 2-hour response time 4-...

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Features in this issue

  • CTRC Mirrors with iSCSI

    The Cancer Therapy and Research Center in San Antonio has aggressive uptime goals for IT resources at its two facilities.

  • IBM Demos Storage Tank

    Big Blue's new Autonomic Computing Organization is working on technologies that will reduce the human costs of running complex computing and storage systems.

  • SNIA Relaunches Supported Solutions Forum

    Eighteen months ago, the Storage Networking Industry Association announced the formation of the Supported Solutions Forum.

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