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May 2017, Vol. 16, No. 3

Use the cloud to enhance the functions of primary storage

IT managers viewed cloud storage skeptically or as a threat when services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service and Elastic Block Store started appearing a little over a decade ago. As the logic went, the cloud might serve archiving needs, but I sure wouldn't trust placing primary data there due to security, availability and performance concerns. Today, cloud storage's potential to enhance on-premises deployments is no longer disputable. And while the industry has yet to resolve all the issues that make IT managers uncomfortable, cloud technology security has made solid progress -- notwithstanding the operator error that took down Amazon S3 for a few hours in February. Maturation has enabled the cloud to become a favorite target for secondary and tertiary data through a growing array of backup, disaster recovery and archiving services. And, increasingly, we're using cloud storage to enhance the functions of primary storage as a tier in the storage hierarchy. Extending storage tiering to the cloud Tiering provides a way to ...

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