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May 2017, Vol. 16, No. 3

Is an all-flash data center worth it?

The concept of an all-flash data center has been floating around for several years, driven by the continual decrease in cost of the media and ongoing improvement in the technology that surrounds it. The result is almost every all-flash vendor is claiming price parity with hard disk-based systems. If you can substantiate the claim of price parity with HDDs, and apply it liberally, then there is no reason for an organization not to go all flash. Imagine a data center where every I/O request is answered instantly, no matter the type of data. It would permanently eliminate data management and performance tuning headaches. The future of all-flash storage systems is bright. The cost per gigabyte of flash media continues to decline, while the software technology managing those systems delivers increasing levels of reliability. Storage system software is also evolving, becoming increasingly multithreaded to extract additional performance out of CPU cores to keep pace with flash performance in a more cost-effective way. Hurdles of the ...

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