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Vol. 3 No. 6 August 2004

Prime time for secondary storage

iSCSI inspires low-cost storage networks There's been a stream of iSCSI products since the ratification of the iSCSI protocol in early 2003. Managers can now choose viable storage products from multiple vendors. iSCSI brings block-level SAN technology to smaller shops. iSCSI enables block-level data delivery over any IP network. With an iSCSI initiator on the server, the system can send block-level data over the IP network to a storage device. Because Microsoft provides an iSCSI initiator as part of Windows "you've got SAN enablement being given away with the operating system. You don't even have to buy any [additional] hardware," says David Dale, chairperson of the Storage Networking Industry Association's IP Storage Forum. The poor performance iSCSI was once criticized for no longer presents a problem in an era of gigabit and multigigabit Ethernet networks and fast processors. Yes, IP adds overhead, but "IP networks today are plenty fast," Dale says, even without the help of TCP/IP offload engines. iSCSI performance problems ...

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Features in this issue

  • SAN switch smarts

    Switches can now handle storage management, performance management and security. Here's a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of intelligent switches.

  • Big Mac attack for storage

    by  Alex Barrett

    Got storage-hungry Mac desktops to feed? Apple Computer Inc.'s Xserve RAID, its 3.5TB RAID array and the Xserve platform running Mac OS X have performed a minor miracle: Together, they seem to have made Mac a legitimate server and storage platform.

  • First look: iStora 4000 from Breece Hill

    by  Lawrence Disbury

    The iStora 4000 offers idiot-proof disk-to-disk-to-tape backup that smaller customers can afford.

Columns in this issue