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Vol. 3 No. 6 August 2004

Innovative smaller companies are ready to topple the storage giants

In the 1960s, IBM changed the way business was done. It made billions because of it. In 1989, EMC changed the way storage was built, sold and supported--at the expense of IBM--and it made billions because of it. In 1992, Sun Microsystems owned every aspect of the Unix world, and then came little Network Appliance, changing the way we did NFS file serving forever--and it made billions. Who are the next dragon slayers in storage? First, it is important to have the right mindset when thinking such ethereal thoughts. Rule No. 1: Having the best stuff is nice, but low on the totem pole of relevance. Having the ability to spot a weakness and attack it violently is more important. You don't think IBM or Sun could make better stuff than little tiny EMC or NetApp? IBM and Sun took their eye off a ball they didn't see as important, or they thought they owned. Rule No. 2: Just because something worked for EMC and NetApp back in the day, it doesn't mean it will work today. Different times require different thinking. Some of the companies I ...

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Features in this issue

  • SAN switch smarts

    Switches can now handle storage management, performance management and security. Here's a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of intelligent switches.

  • Big Mac attack for storage

    by  Alex Barrett

    Got storage-hungry Mac desktops to feed? Apple Computer Inc.'s Xserve RAID, its 3.5TB RAID array and the Xserve platform running Mac OS X have performed a minor miracle: Together, they seem to have made Mac a legitimate server and storage platform.

  • First look: iStora 4000 from Breece Hill

    by  Lawrence Disbury

    The iStora 4000 offers idiot-proof disk-to-disk-to-tape backup that smaller customers can afford.

Columns in this issue