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Vol. 3 No. 7 September 2004

Snapshot: Backup up desktop data

Do You Back up Desktops? Percent of companies that backup end- user machines, per number of seats Where are end-user machines backed up to? If you don't back up end-user machines, do you plan to start? Pity the fool that thinks their desktop is being backed up. On average, only 39.1% of Storage readers report that their companies back up end-user desktops and/or laptops. (See "Protecting the unprotected") "We can barely cope with our enterprise server backups, let alone begin to deal with the expense and grief of backing up every desktop," writes one reader. Furthermore, the percentage of companies backing up desktops and laptops decreases dramatically the more desktops there are in an organization--28.4% of sites with 1,000 or more user machines back them up, compared with 46.7% for sites with under 1,000. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of Storage readers--76.5%--that don't back up end-user machines say they have no plans to start.

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Features in this issue

  • Hands-On Review: Onaro SANscreen 2.5.2

    by  Darryl Brooks

    Onaro's SANscreen takes the uncertainty out of making changes to a SAN environment by showing the effects of a change before it's actually implemented.

  • Storage at risk

    by  Jon Oltsik

    A new survey of Storage magazine readers by the Enterprise Strategy Group reveals that storage security is weak. IT staffs--with help from storage vendors--need to do more to secure storage.

  • Tape's new love affair with disk

    The marriage of tape and disk has spawned a new class of virtual tape products that promise faster, cheaper backup and recovery.

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