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Vol. 3 No. 7 September 2004

Hot Spots: Protecting the unprotected

No question, enterprise organizations are careful about protecting their storage assets. Backing up storage area networks (SANs) and network-attached storage (NAS) is a nightly operation, and storage security is becoming a critical piece of the overall security puzzle. Protecting information assets is so important that much of the storage industry is focused on this space. Larger vendors such as EMC, IBM, StorageTek and Veritas earn huge chunks of their revenue with data protection products and services, while data protection startups such as FilesX, Neartek and Revivio are gaining attention in data centers. While terrorist threats, regulatory compliance and security have ignited the data protection market, there remains a dramatically underserved piece of the information infrastructure: corporate laptops. The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) estimates that a mere 20% to 25% of enterprises provide data protection services for these mobile PCs. Many companies that claim to offer laptop data protection simply mandate that users ...

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Features in this issue

  • Hands-On Review: Onaro SANscreen 2.5.2

    by  Darryl Brooks

    Onaro's SANscreen takes the uncertainty out of making changes to a SAN environment by showing the effects of a change before it's actually implemented.

  • Storage at risk

    by  Jon Oltsik

    A new survey of Storage magazine readers by the Enterprise Strategy Group reveals that storage security is weak. IT staffs--with help from storage vendors--need to do more to secure storage.

  • Tape's new love affair with disk

    The marriage of tape and disk has spawned a new class of virtual tape products that promise faster, cheaper backup and recovery.

Columns in this issue