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Vol. 3 No. 7 September 2004

Best practices: Tackling storage provisioning

Application owners often complain about the time the storage group needs to respond to requests for additional storage. Users may overstate storage requirements to ensure that their actual and potential needs are met. One dramatic example is a financial firm where 5TB of tier-1 storage was allocated for a data warehouse that was currently using less than 100GB. The allocation was based on projected capacity needs three years out! Provisioning goes beyond carving out disk space and creating and presenting LUNs. It's a multilevel process that requires well-defined procedures. (See "Users slow to embrace storage automation") Provisioning prerequisites Let's examine some of the prerequisites for an effective provisioning operation. Classes of service. The first prerequisite is a clear definition of each service level's attributes to provide a foundation of common understanding between business units and the storage group. Ideally, class of service is backed by a financial model, so business units can choose service levels that match...

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Features in this issue

  • Hands-On Review: Onaro SANscreen 2.5.2

    by  Darryl Brooks

    Onaro's SANscreen takes the uncertainty out of making changes to a SAN environment by showing the effects of a change before it's actually implemented.

  • Storage at risk

    by  Jon Oltsik

    A new survey of Storage magazine readers by the Enterprise Strategy Group reveals that storage security is weak. IT staffs--with help from storage vendors--need to do more to secure storage.

  • Tape's new love affair with disk

    The marriage of tape and disk has spawned a new class of virtual tape products that promise faster, cheaper backup and recovery.

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