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July 2014 Vol. 13 No. 5

Translating those misleading data storage terms

When you're listening to a storage vendor pitching their products, do you sometimes get the feeling that it would be handy to have a translator nearby to figure out what they're really saying or selling? I get briefed by vendors frequently, and I often feel like I'm stuck in a foreign language film without subtitles. I see their lips moving and hear words coming out, but sometimes I just can't understand what they mean. Part of the problem may be that every vendor is singing the same tune. It seems these days that it's a bad thing to have what used to be known as a unique selling proposition. (Remember that concept?) Apparently, in the storage biz today, unique is out and everyone is chanting the same cloud/virtual/big data/software-defined mantra. Occasionally, a vendor will try to separate itself from the pack with some head-scratching terminology like this beauty from Hitachi Data Systems: "business-defined IT." It seems to me that IT has managed to hang around for about 70 years only because business defines its mission. Who...

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