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June 2011

Hybrid cloud storage

Hybrid cloud storage products provide the best of both worlds -- local storage that's tightly integrated with off-site cloud storage services. [This story was updated February 2013] Following the widespread adoption of server virtualization, cloud computing is the next evolutionary step toward utility computing where computing resources are consumed like electricity and paid for based on usage. Cloud storage got off to a running start with Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3), which was quickly followed by other offerings. However, security concerns and slow performance have often overshadowed the benefits of cloud storage and hampered its adoption in the enterprise. Early adopters included startups, development teams and consumer-facing data services, but cloud storage struggles to become a viable complement to data center storage. Conservative by nature, corporate IT has viewed public cloud storage as risky. But that's changing -- not because of a change in the perception of public cloud storage, but because of the emergence ...

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