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The ultimate guide to Dell's EMC acquisition

Dell's EMC acquisition has the whole industry buzzing. This guide will collect all of TechTarget's expert coverage on the deal and what it means for IT.


Dell’s proposed EMC acquisition for $67 billion has repercussions throughout the IT world. The blockbuster deal covers server, storage, virtualization, security, networking, cloud, content management and end-point computing. Along with EMC, Dell is buying VMware, RSA Security, Pivotal and other EMC-held companies and technologies. The combination of giants is likely to bring about changes in all those areas, with possible ripple effects including more acquisitions and partnerships.

This guide is the one-stop place to read about the largest acquisition in technology history, with news, details of the transactions, reactions and analysis from all of TechTarget’s sites. We will continue to add updates through the expected closing date of mid-2016 and during the transition period.

This is the place to find out how the deal is likely to affect your area of expertise and the leading vendors in the data storage industry. 

1Dell-EMC news -

Latest updates

Explore the latest developments as Dell's deal to acquire EMC continues to break.


EMC acquisition expands Dells networking portfolio

By acquiring storage vendor EMC, Dell has the potential to create a major IT company with a strong networking portfolio for the enterprise data center. Continue Reading


Dell acquires EMC in historic IT deal

With its $67 billion bid for EMC, Dell completes the largest IT transaction in history. Continue Reading


Dell's EMC acquisition follows goal of expanding enterprise business

Dell's bid for EMC comes two years after founder Michael Dell's re-privatizing of the IT giant. Continue Reading


EMC acquisition creates world's largest one-stop tech shop

Along with MSD Partners and Silver Lake, Dell signed a definitive agreement that now values the firm at $33.15 per share. Continue Reading


EMC acquisition will result in midrange storage overlap

If the deal between Dell and EMC goes through, it will result in a number of overlapping products in the company's midrange storage portfolio. Continue Reading

2Reaction on EMC acquisition-

What industry experts say

The Dell-EMC deal certainly has everyone talking. Get expert feedback from across the industry.


Storage users approve of EMC acquisition at Dell World

The Dell-EMC deal may have shocked the industry, but by the time Dell World 2015 wrapped, users seemed to be looking forward to what was to come. Continue Reading


Impact of Dell-EMC deal pondered at NetApp Insight

Attendees at Netapp's Insight conference discussed the possible benefits and repercussions of Dell's acquisition of EMC. Continue Reading


How will Dell-EMC match up against HP?

With the recent EMC acquisition by Dell and HP's announcement of an upcoming split, IT pros weigh in on the future of the companies. Continue Reading


CIOs contemplate the meaning of the acquisition

CIOs and industry experts weigh in on the EMC acquisition. Many see it as a good move, and look forward to improved storage technology and benefits for VMware. Continue Reading


Not everyone overjoyed by prospect of Dell-EMC

While observers are excited about Dell's acquisition of EMC, others in the industry are not as convinced. While the one-stop-shop model appeals to some, is it the right direction for IT? Continue Reading


The risky nature of Dell's purchase

Dell's purchase could result in big benefits for enterprise customers. But will it succeed? Experts weigh in. Continue Reading


IT pros react to Dell-EMC acquisition

With some still reeling from news of the deal, IT pros give their predictions and reactions to Dell's $67 billion bid for EMC. Continue Reading

3A look ahead-

What the EMC deal will mean for IT

There are many questions surrounding Dell's acquisition of EMC, from where the merger leaves VMware to what results Dell's partners are expecting. This section covers what's to come following the deal.


Dell GM discusses strategy following EMC acquisition

Dell Storage GM Alan Atkinson talks about software-defined storage, hyper-convergence and potential EMC storage product overlap in this interview. Continue Reading


Where does the EMC acquisition leave Documentum?

In the wake of the Dell-EMC deal, what will happen to some of Dell's struggling product lines? In the case of the enterprise content management product Documentum, the future is unclear. Continue Reading


Channel companies hope to see expanded sales

Dell's EMC acquisition combines Dell's servers and midrange strength with EMC's high-end storage business, which could result in a positive impact on its partner base. Continue Reading


"Casualties" of Dell-EMC likely to occur on Dell's side

On the storage side, Dell trailed EMC in the enterprise storage space. How will this affect the newly merged tech giants? Continue Reading


How EMC acquisition affects VMware

When the acquisition was made, it was announced that VMware will remain its own publicly held company, independent from Dell and EMC. But over time, what changes may take place? Continue Reading


EMC CEO steps down, leaves questions

After running EMC for 15 years, Joe Tucci's legacy will be decided by how the $67 billion Dell-EMC acquisition works out after his departure. Continue Reading

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