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Software-defined storage market: Fact or fiction

Software-defined storage has been getting a lot of attention, but is it a truly innovative technology? This guide examines why the software-defined concept is unique.


The software-defined storage market has continued to grow since its introduction a few years ago, but much of the conversation around the technology is still focused on one question: Does software-defined storage live up to all the hype, or is it just an old concept that has taken on a new life?

The technology -- which still lacks a concrete definition -- essentially abstracts storage features from the hardware, separating the control plane from the data plane. Vendors, such as EMC with ViPR and VMware with its Virtual SAN, continue to release and update products they deem "software-defined."

In this Essential Guide, you'll find content on the benefits of software-defined technology and insight from analysts that will help you cut through the hype and loose definitions to determine whether the software-defined storage market provides products that could be useful in your environment.


Giving definition to the software

Separating the control plane from the data plane has numerous potential benefits. It can spread features native to one array across all storage in an environment while eliminating the needs for dedicated hardware. The content below provides you with an overview of how software-defined storage (SDS) works and what can be achieved with it.


What can software-defined storage accomplish?

Software-defined storage can drive down costs and tie into an existing virtual infrastructure. Continue Reading


The many ways to define the software-defined storage market

It seems like every definition of software-defined storage is different. According to Jon Toigo, that's because they are. Continue Reading


Uncovering the truth behind the SDS market

If you're still trying to figure out the answer to this software-defined storage riddle, you're not alone. Continue Reading


Still no software-defined storage definition consensus

Speakers from TechTarget's Storage Decisions seminar compare definitions of software-defined storage to determine what qualities of the technology are a constant. Continue Reading


Software-defined storage: A long-time coming

By now the software-defined storage market is full-fledged, but it was born from what storage virtualization vendors have been doing for years. Continue Reading


Creating a software-defined architecture

There isn't just one way to implement software-defined storage, and the benefits of the technology can vary based on how you choose to integrate it. For example, some vendors offer software-only products while others offer hardware designed specifically for software-defined environments. Learn how implementation can affect the results of an SDS project and what to consider before taking the plunge.


Three software-defined storage implementations

The pros and cons of a software-defined storage implementation could come down to the type of hardware that is used with it. Continue Reading


What to consider before implementing SDS

Follow these tips on installing software-defined storage products to achieve the best performance and capacity. Continue Reading


Software-defined storage improves allocation and provisioning

According to analyst Jon Toigo, software is the aspect of a storage environment that provides value, but it's up to users to unlock it. Continue Reading


Software-defined storage and its impact on SSDs

According to DataCore chairman Ziya Aral, software-defined storage can help make the most of high-performing SSDs. Continue Reading


What to know about software-defined storage management

Software-defined storage eases management of storage applications, but it doesn't do much for hardware, so effective SRM is still essential. Continue Reading


Experts analyze software-defined storage

Analysts agree that the concept of software-defined storage is not new -- software has always been a driving force behind the value of storage hardware. But they also agree that products in today's software-defined storage market provide worthwhile benefits.


The problem with software-defined storage

After testing products in the software-defined storage market, expert Jon Toigo offers several aspects of the technology to watch out for. Continue Reading


Why SDS will evolve with benefits

See what changes are in store for the software-defined storage market, and why it isn't the same as storage virtualization. Continue Reading


Growing number of users in the software-defined storage market

In a recent survey, 43% of respondents said they are using some type of software-defined storage. Continue Reading


Why hardware is still essential for software-defined technology

Some vendors are making hardware sound like an afterthought, but the software-defined market depends on hardware innovation. Continue Reading


More software isn't the answer

Editorial director Rich Castagna says what we really need is storage that's concealed by software, and can reduce the level of management. Continue Reading

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