Primary data storage options for the cloud

Last updated:July 2014

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Editor's note

Performance and security issues limited the cloud's usefulness for primary storage since the start, and not all of these problems have been resolved. Even though backup and archive are still go-to uses for the cloud, it doesn't mean the cloud can't be a primary data storage option.

Both cloud and storage vendors are evolving so that they are more tightly integrated and offer more features -- meaning they're a better option when it comes to near-line data. For example, the performance of object technology has been steadily improving with caching and workload prioritization features. On the other hand, cloud-integrated appliances can provide a level of performance similar to local storage while also providing the scalability of the cloud. But there are a number of options when it comes to primary data storage in the cloud, and making the right implementation choices is critical.

That's why we compiled this Essential Guide to help you determine whether cloud is a good option for your primary data storage. You'll find tips and advice from experts regarding how cloud storage is improving, what types of cloud storage are best suited for primary data, and best practices for implementation and management if you do decide to put your most important data in the cloud.

1Top implementations for primary data storage in the cloud

Cloud gateways, object technology and hybrid clouds are all options when it comes to primary data storage, but which one works best? It often comes down to how the data that is being stored there will be used. To help determine which cloud implementation is the most effective, the links below give an overview into how the different options work.

2Keeping your primary data storage safe in the cloud

Storing primary data in the cloud means it's critical the data is secure and accessible. You should keep tabs on a cloud provider's service-level agreements, uptime and security. In addition, there are technology-specific best practices to keep in mind that help ensure security and reduce latency for your cloud primary data storage.