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Predictive storage analytics, AI deliver smarter storage

The future of storage lies in strategic use of analytics, particularly predictive storage analytics, AI and machine learning. Find smarter data storage in an array near you.


Storage is getting progressively smarter as analytics capabilities are increasingly integrated into arrays and other parts of the storage layer. Predictive storage analytics, AI and machine learning are coming together to enhance and optimize storage infrastructure and proactively address problems.

Behind the move to more intelligent storage is the increasing use of all-flash arrays (AFAs) and hybrid and hyper-converged infrastructure, along with the greater demand for real-time data on storage capacity and performance.

"Storage is no longer a separate slice of the data center technology stack that you can intelligently manage or analyze in isolation. Looking at larger slices of the stack requires the use of more sophisticated analytical approaches over bigger data," said Mike Matchett, analyst at Small World Big Data.

Storage vendors are gathering vast amounts of data from their customers and applying data mining, analytical queries and predictive modeling to these aggregated data sets to forecast trends. They're feeding the resulting analysis back to their customers to help them plan infrastructure, reduce overhead and proactively address problems before they happen.

AI and machine learning have been added into the predictive storage analytics mix, to continually improve data collection tools and data analysis. The end result is self-healing storage infrastructures that autonomously identify and resolve issues, providing better capacity management, reduced downtime, and increased application availability, performance and productivity.

Below, we've pulled together insight into the current state of storage analytics, along with a look at how some enterprises are using new techniques and technology to make their storage infrastructure smarter. We also take a look at the roles AI and machine learning are playing. And if you're curious about the vendors that are active in this market and what products are available, we've included the latest updates on the vendors and the products they're offering.

1State of storage analytics-

Guidance and use cases

Learn how the use of all-flash arrays, predictive storage analytics, AI and machine learning are combining to make storage faster and smarter.


Cloud-based predictive storage analytics takes off

Predictive analytics tools proactively address storage issues. Find out what to look for in these products. Continue Reading


AFAs take on challenges of big data storage

The latest generation of AFA storage provides what's needed to support petabyte-scale big data analytics workloads. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Operational analytics tools enhance storage

SaaS offerings collect data from storage arrays, upload it to cloud services or storage vendor sites, and provide users with the analytics they need. Continue Reading


AI-infused storage fits bank's upgrade plans

Pure Storage's innovative approach to data storage management was a game changer for Frost Bank. Continue Reading


Insurer uses data storage analytics for upgrades and evaluations

Storage monitoring and analytics help New York Life upgrade current products and evaluate new technologies. Continue Reading

2AI and better storage-

The latest insight and strategy

See how AI is being integrated into storage technology and providing unique insight into capacity and performance.


AI and big data compared

How AI can help synthesize and analyze the large volumes of information provided by big data initiatives. Continue Reading


AI-based analytics gains steam

AI analytics engines get integrated into storage. What could that mean for your organization? Continue Reading


NetApp jumps into AI storage

Vendor packages its AFAs with Nvidia GPUs to meet growing demand for AI storage. Continue Reading


Pure Storage unveils AI-based storage

All-flash vendor and high-performance GPU specialist Nvidia rolled out a preconfigured storage stack to accelerate data-intensive analytics at scale. Continue Reading


HPE uses AI to build autonomous data center environments

Hewlett Packard Enterprise brings AI-based infrastructure management software to market. Continue Reading


Ultrathin memory storage could improve AI and analytics applications

3D chips using atomristors will have a memory architecture with 3D connections similar to those found in the human brain. Continue Reading


The predictive analytics and AI market

Find out which vendors are offering intelligent storage products and how those products might help your organization.


Hitachi Vantara explains where it's heading with AI and storage

Vendor updates Hitachi Storage Virtual Operating System and Virtual Storage Platform to address data mobility among data centers, edge environments and the cloud. Continue Reading


Violin Systems AFA arrays incorporate predictive storage analytics

Vendor's XVS line streams telemetry data to Violin's cloud system using the Symphony flash management console. Continue Reading


Hitachi Vantara's analytics for storage enhance visual mapping

Upgrade extends the role AI plays in storage analytics for data protection and hybrid cloud environments. Continue Reading


HPE InfoSight automates 3PAR customer support

HPE added automated support resolution capabilities to the InfoSight predictive analytics on its 3PAR arrays. Continue Reading


Vexata capitalizes on NVMe flash storage to take on analytics

AFA upgrade targets need for fast storage in cognitive computing. Continue Reading


Pure Storage gets into analytics with predictive sizing tool

The AI engine learns from all workloads running on Pure arrays. Continue Reading


A list of essential definitions

Learn some of the key terms regarding predictive storage analytics, AI and machine learning.


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