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Looking at NVMe storage technologies today and tomorrow

NVMe offers speedy access to stored data at a premium price.


For many businesses, fast access to stored data is vital. In these cases, NVMe storage is either a welcome luxury or a critical need.

The nonvolatile memory express protocol connects storage devices to the central processing unit via the PCIe bus connection. It is currently the fastest way to move data from storage to processing. For applications that need that kind of speed, NVMe storage is the best choice. But is it a worthwhile option for those organizations that don't really need such zippy performance?

The argument that storage can't be too fast doesn't apply in a business world where every dollar spent must be justified with a dollar return. That said, NVMe storage has quantifiable benefits for most organizations.

The value of fast data access is universal. Speed matters for communications as simple as making sure webpage content loads before the viewer clicks away, or as complex as a financial transaction where a microsecond difference can mean the gain or loss of thousands of dollars. In any business situation where data access speed can equate directly to an increase in revenue or decrease in loss, NVMe is worth considering.

Arguments both for and against adoption of NVMe have merit, and it's important to look at where the market stands today before making any purchase decisions. You can't enjoy the NVMe game if you don't know the nonvolatile players. In addition, the future for NVMe-based technologies is bright, and some connected technologies might meet your storage needs.

Understanding the relatively new world of NVMe storage via a handful of useful definitions will help you parse out the value to your organization. Get to know NVMe storage with this guide.

1Defining the world of NVMe-


It would be challenging to prepare your organization for the implementation of NVMe-based storage without knowing what all the common terms mean and how they might apply to your storage infrastructure. Here are the definitions you should know as you consider NVM Express.

2NVMe storage and more tomorrow-

Possible futures for NVMe-based technologies

New technologies and business use cases indicate a bright future for the speedy NVMe protocol and its related technologies.


NVMe will play a role in accelerating flash

CTOs see NVMe storage pop up in their crystal balls as they peer into the future of flash-based storage technologies. Continue Reading


M.2 is the Formula 1 car in the NVMe SSD race

The tiny M.2 solid-state drive is the fastest form of flash-based storage you can connect via NVMe, and it is ready to move from the laptop to the data center. Continue Reading


NVM Express doesn't need a Nostradamus

NVMe storage has achieved some adoption in the enterprise, but the protocol is updated on a regular basis. Each iteration adds features and improves performance. Continue Reading

Photo Story

The timeline of NVMe development

Barely out of kindergarten age, the NVMe protocol has already had a full and busy infancy and early childhood. Continue Reading


Enterprise storage applications can get value from NVMe

The need for speed is no longer the only driving force behind flash storage adoption. As costs come down, NVM Express may become the default for primary storage, and regular SATA-based SSDs may move to secondary storage uses. Continue Reading

3Why NVMe storage?-

NVMe in the now

If you are considering using NVMe in your storage infrastructure, knowing the benefits and drawbacks of various technologies and applications is important.


Being bullish on NVMe tech

If NVMe is the fastest way to connect a drive to a CPU, imagine what a data center would be like with the protocol extended over server interconnect fabrics. Continue Reading


How the NVMe puzzle piece fits

As flash storage implementations become more common, NVMe storage will gain a greater foothold. Continue Reading


NVM Express technology helps push all-flash data canters

Most data centers have a mix of hard disk and flash drives, if they use flash at all. But price drops -- along with performance boosts from NVMe -- make a compelling argument for ditching the disk. Continue Reading


NVMe protocol picked for high-speed storage level

It should come as no surprise that the level of storage that needs to reach the CPU the fastest has settled on the fastest storage protocol to give it that speed boost. Continue Reading


Not everyone is an NVMe fan

Is NVMe storage really a smart method for increasing the speed of data transfer, or just a play for the increased use of proprietary technology? Continue Reading

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