Essential guide to hybrid flash arrays

Last updated:January 2015

Editor's note

Hybrid flash arrays are the most common storage-side flash deployment today -- well ahead of all-flash arrays. Many users have added flash to existing storage to create a DIY hybrid SSD array. Plus, every major storage vendor offers hybrid flash arrays, and some sell a variety of them. Typically, an organization might have one or two applications -- such as a database or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) -- that require the performance flash offers. So, an all-flash array may be overkill.

Hybrid flash arrays offer the performance that organizations need for those critical apps, while keeping costs under control and boosting capacity with traditional hard drives. Of course, there are a number of important things to consider when choosing a hybrid SSD array. For example, should you build it yourself with existing storage or purchase a new array? If you opt to buy, has the vendor simply added flash to an existing array, or has the array been designed from the ground up or re-architected to take full advantage of flash?

This Essential Guide will look at the variety of hybrid flash arrays available today, offer info on typical hybrid array use cases, compare hybrid and all-flash arrays, and more. Readers will also learn common issues to watch for when deploying and managing hybrid flash arrays.

Hybrid Flash: The Essential guide (PDF)

1Hybrid flash snags to consider

There are a number of benefits to implementing a hybrid SSD array, which promises to deliver high-performance results at a lower cost. But are there drawbacks to look out for with a hybrid flash array? The links below dive into the issues you may run into with hybrid SSD arrays and how to confront them.

2Deciding which array is the right choice

Hybrid and all-flash arrays each have their own benefits and drawbacks. Deciding which array works best for an environment requires an examination of your particular needs and resources. Below, find out what to look for when making the choice between a hybrid or all-flash array.

3Hybrid flash arrays in action

We've gathered five separate case studies where a hybrid SSD array was implemented. See what the process entailed, benefits they saw, and why they chose to go with hybrid over all-flash.