Decisions, decisions: VDI storage considerations and choices

Last updated:April 2015

Editor's note

After making the initial decision to pursue a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), storage managers will find themselves faced with a number of decisions. How do you prepare your environment for VDI? And what happens once the technology is implemented? While building storage for virtual desktops was once a huge hurdle, a number of VDI products have recently come to the forefront to help users lighten the task.

The links below provide in-depth information about VDI benefits and challenges. In addition, renowned VDI expert Brian Madden offers his VDI storage considerations. Whether you're considering implementing a virtual desktop environment or simply trying to see the impact storage could have on your VDI project, this guide should put you on the path to understanding what is out there and empowering you to make your own virtualization decisions.

1Uses, options and products

Once VDI is deployed, storage managers will likely find they have further decisions to make, ranging from hardware options to disaster recovery (DR) strategies.

2Brian Madden on storage for VDI

VDI expert Brian Madden discusses the impact of storage on virtual desktop projects, how to measure VDI success, and why VDI technology and storage are not the enemies they once were.