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Complete guide to server-based storage in its modern forms

Server-based data storage is gaining renewed attention as emerging technologies offer easy ways to pool and share the highly scalable storage resource. Hyper-convergence may be leading the charge, but it is not the only option.


Technologies like hyper-convergence and software-defined storage have brought server-based storage back to the forefront for shareable storage.

With the explosive growth in unstructured data, organizations are scrambling to nail down a storage method that is easy to implement and upgrade and allows them to maximize capacity resources. The advent of cloud storage also plays a part in the renewed interest, and server-based data storage has cemented itself as the favored storage infrastructure of cloud providers. Cost is another compelling factor for direct-attached storage (DAS). By using commodity servers and directly attached disks with software that can create a shared storage pool, more open platforms are able to offer server-based storage at a lower price than traditional storage systems.

Hyper-convergence has made a splash lately, combining storage, compute, virtualization and networking into one package. However, unlike a converged architecture, the components of a hyper-converged appliance are so well-integrated that they cannot be separated or used independently.

Other server-based storage methods include virtual storage appliances (VSAs), distributed file systems and server SANs. In this guide, we will dive into the different options for direct-attached storage and understand where they work best.

1Appliance options-

Hyper-converged products

Particularly in virtual environments, hyper-convergence is a popular server-based storage option. Though some question the hype surrounding the technology and its recent emergence in the storage space, there is no question that the use cases and vendor offerings for hyper-converged storage technology are growing. In this section, gain a better grasp of the benefits of hyper-converged storage appliances and what is available on the market.


Can SAN and NAS stand up to the hyper-converged hype?

More vendors are getting into the hyper-converged game, but does that spell the end for standalone SAN and NAS? Continue Reading


Hyper-convergence meets needs of virtual environments

Virtualization requirements are constantly changing, and hyper-converged storage needs to be up to the task. George Crump explains how hyper-converged storage fits the bill. Continue Reading


Ease of deployment, management boost hyper-converged market

Thanks to its exciting vendor landscape, hyper-converged storage is seeing some confusion along with the enthusiasm. See what has people buzzing about this server-based storage technology. Continue Reading


How to implement hyper-converged storage

As the list of hyper-converged appliance vendors continues to grow, so do the number of hyper-converged technology options. Continue Reading


Choose the right hyper-converged appliance

The number of competitive vendors in the server-based storage market may make it a daunting place. Jeff Kato discusses how to navigate the ever-growing hyper-converged appliance landscape. Continue Reading


Hyper-convergence a popular option for smaller businesses

Thanks to the all-in-one nature of the server-based storage technology, hyper-converged storage is stepping into place as the successor to converged infrastructure. Continue Reading

2Software -

Hyper-converged and software-defined storage

On the software side, hyper-convergence is joined by software-defined storage in the server-based data storage space. With the dual benefits of flexibility and scalability, software is not to be overlooked. This section digs into hyper-converged software options and software-defined storage.


DataCore releases hyper-converged storage software

DataCore's SANsymphony -V10 updates the vendor's virtualization software with significant additions like hyper-convergence, backup and deduplication. Continue Reading


The three definitions of software-defined storage

What exactly is software-defined storage? According to Jon Toigo, the explanation may be more complicated than you think. Continue Reading


Understanding software-defined applications

Software-defined applications have the benefit of adding resiliency and flexibility to the data center, but this server-based storage technology may require some additional management. Continue Reading


Hyper-converged software options may need more testing

If you decide on a software-only hyper-converged architecture, be prepared to put some extra work into choosing the hardware. Continue Reading


The pros and cons of software-defined storage

Confused about the variety of terms and features being thrown around in the software-defined storage market? We dive into the different types of software-defined, as well as the benefits and drawbacks. Continue Reading

3Data systems-

Server SAN and cloud

In addition to the hyper-converged and software options for server-based storage, server SANs and the cloud are also being used in the data center to pool storage. The cloud is a popular option for shared storage with the ability to scale and keep costs low. A server SAN architecture, consisting of multiple storage devices directly attached to separate servers, has been favored by companies like Facebook and Google. With the links below, see where these server-based data storage options are being used.


Integrating hyper-converged with the cloud

Both hyper-converged storage and the cloud are popular forms of server-based storage. Brien Posey explains where the two fit together. Continue Reading


Cloud and hyper-convergence transforming the data center

Both cloud and hyper-convergence have been surrounded with a bit of hype, and may shape the future of the data center. Continue Reading


Google, Facebook lead the way for server SAN model

The server SAN model is the server-based storage model of choice for companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook, but will it catch on with enterprise IT? Continue Reading


What is server SAN's place in IT organizations?

According to Wikibon analyst Stuart Miniman, server SAN adoption may pick up speed in IT thanks to its ability to grow and easily migrate. Continue Reading

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