Cloud storage controller market: One-stop guide

Last updated:August 2013

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Cloud storage use continues to rise, and as IT departments of all shapes and sizes explore use cases for cloud storage that reach beyond backup and into file sharing and collaboration, archiving and some primary data, the role of the on-premises appliance has become crucial. The gateway market has grown up and into a sophisticated cloud storage controller market that serves as a key infrastructure tool. Check out this cloud storage controller guide to learn how the market has changed, what the newest products can do and what experts have to say about the role of the cloud controller in today's IT shop.

1Making smart cloud storage controller choices

When evaluating the cloud storage controller market, there are several key areas for IT pros to focus on, starting with the most likely use cases. Beyond that, many technical considerations -- bandwidth, APIs and application response times -- are all on the table. Check out this collection of tips to take with you when shopping for an on-premises appliance.