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Best data storage products 2015: Products of the Year

The Storage magazine 2015 Products of the Year names winners in backup and DR software, backup hardware, storage management tools, storage system software, all-flash storage systems and disk/hybrid storage systems.


Our annual Storage magazine and SearchStorage Products of the Year competition, which is in its 14th year, recognizes the previous year's best data storage products. The competition starts each year with our invitation to technology vendors asking them to submit their nominations. Our Products of the Year competition stands out because it is exclusive to products which have been introduced or undergone a significant upgrade within the past year. What we find each year is that, as a result of this criteria, new or lesser-known products end up faring quite well against what most would consider more immediately recognizable products if said products have not been vigorously upgraded.

We make a point of stating that distinction because these awards are intended to recognize innovations in technology. That's not to say technology is the only consideration -- the product must work and its users must be satisfied. Our judges also look at performance, how easily it can be integrated and used, its manageability, functionality and value. Storage magazine and SearchStorage writers and editors work alongside users, analysts and consultants in serving as the judging panel to choose the best data storage products of 2015.

Technology vendors nominated products in backup and disaster recovery (DR) software and services, backup hardware, storage management tools and storage system software. The storage systems category is split into all-flash systems and disk/hybrid systems.

We extend hearty and sincere congratulations to the 18 Products of the Year winners profiled on the following pages. To read more about why each product ended up on our list of the best data storage products of 2015, click on the links in each section. We've also included links to the finalists so you can read up on all the contenders in each category.

1Products of the Year winners-

Backup and DR software and services

The backup and DR software and services category winners range from traditional to task-specific products. The offerings address cloud backup, snapshots and e-discovery. Winners tout advancements in several areas key to the current backup market -- from quicker recovery time objectives (RTOs) to Docker container support to streamlined management.

Products eligible for this category included backup and recovery software, cloud backup and recovery services, DR, snapshot and replication, electronic vaulting and archivers.


GOLD: Veeam's Availability Suite v8

Veeam Availability Suite v8 provides many components within one platform, including Snapshot Hunter and built-in WAN acceleration for VM replication, vowing RTOs of less than 15 minutes. Continue Reading


SILVER: Asigra Cloud Backup v13

Version 13 of Asigra's Cloud Backup is highlighted by Amazon Web Services EBS Snapshot Manager and support for Docker container backup. Asigra claims to be the first enterprise software vendor to support these platforms. Continue Reading


BRONZE: Druva's inSync 5.5

Druva inSync 5.5, prominently featuring proactive compliance and full text search, contains a single user-centric view of all device and cloud application data. Continue Reading


2015 Backup and DR software finalists

Get more information about each of the 11 software products selected as finalists in the category. Continue Reading

2Products of the Year winners-

Backup hardware

Winners in the backup hardware group for the 2015 Products of the Year awards faced a crowded competition this year in a category that evaluates tape libraries and drives, backup media, disk backup targets, virtual tape libraries, deduplication devices and gateway appliances for on-premises and cloud backup. The hardware among backup vendors continues to evolve, with sellers emphasizing the use of deduplication to shorten backup windows and systems that are more efficient.


GOLD: Exagrid EX32000E appliance v4.9

The Exagrid EX32000E uses what it calls “adaptive deduplication” to keep a fixed backup window even when data capacity increases. The latest version expanded support for Oracle RMAN, while other recent upgrades added capacity support of up to 25 appliances in a GRID architecture. Continue Reading


SILVER: NEC Corporation HYDRAstor V4.4

NEC's HYDRAstor scale-out backup appliance supports configurations of up to 4 PB an hour throughput and 100 PB of data in a single system. The latest upgrade added the firm's Universal Deduped Transfer capability for source-side deduplication to reduce bandwidth requirements. Continue Reading


BRONZE: Oracle's Zero Data Loss Appliance

The Zero Data Loss Appliance is specific to Oracle environments and offers sub-second recovery point objectives, an incremental forever architecture and source-side deduplication. It also offers real-time recovery status for all databases while dynamically allocating storage to better recovery windows. Continue Reading


2015 Backup Hardware finalists

Most of the 12 finalists in this category offer full-feature capabilities for physical and virtual environments, on-premises and the cloud. Continue Reading

3Products of the Year winners-

Storage management tools

The storage management tools category includes products that provide analytics, performance monitoring, automation and data reduction capabilities. Of the nine finalists in the category, the three products that topped the others each provide several of these capabilities for heterogeneous data storage environments, helping them dominate the field. All three winners this year were upgrades to existing products that extended support, and improved automation and visibility into analytics.


GOLD: Data Dynamics Inc. StorageX 7.6

In the latest StorageX file management platform release, Data Dynamics added essential file management features such as replication and high availability. It features quality-of-service bandwidth throttling to maintain performance. Continue Reading


SILVER: Dell Inc. Foglight for Storage Management 4.0

Dell Foglight version 4.0 monitors and analyzes storage performance and availability in virtual environments. Its added support for Hyper-V and resource management capabilities helped it stand out. Continue Reading


BRONZE: ProphetStor Data Services Federator SDS 3.0

Federator SDS offers data services, automation and analytics. It is an out-of-band storage controller for heterogeneous scale-up or scale-out storage environments. Continue Reading


2015 Storage Management Tools finalists

The majority of the nine finalists in this category are upgrades to existing products, while two are new to the market and began shipping this year. Four finalists repeat from our 2014 competition. Continue Reading

4Products of the Year winners-

Storage system software

Taking the top spot this year in the storage system software product category, DataCore's performance-boosting software outpolled Hedvig's new software-defined distributed storage platform and bronze winner Zadara Storage's feature-enhanced Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) On-Premise as a Service product to top the field.

Products eligible for the data storage system software category spanned file systems, volume management, storage virtualization, security, storage optimization, solid-state caching, cloud storage, software-defined storage and object storage.


GOLD: SANsymphony-V Adaptive Parallel I/O software

DataCore's SANsymphony-V Adaptive Parallel I/O software aims to eliminate bottlenecks and boost application performance by enabling multicore servers to use all available cores to execute multiple I/O threads. Continue Reading


SILVER: Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform

Hedvig's Distributed Storage Platform runs on commodity servers; supports block, file and object storage; and deploys on-premises, in public clouds, and in hyperscale or hyper-converged mode. Continue Reading


BRONZE: Zadara VPSA OPaaS 15.07

Zadara's VPSA On-Premise as a Service added support for Docker containers, backup to Amazon S3, multi-zone high availability and Microsoft's Volume Snapshot Service. Continue Reading


2015 Storage System Software finalists

The 13 finalists in this category ran the gamut from software-defined storage to hyper-converged. Continue Reading

5Products of the Year winners-

Storage systems: All-flash systems

The all-flash systems category reflects the rise of flash in storage arrays. Most array vendors have an all-flash platform to go with their hybrid offerings. The all-flash system category includes storage platforms that can only be purchased with all-flash storage and no HDDs; includes Fibre Channel and iSCSI SAN, NAS, multiprotocol systems, converged/hyper-converged infrastructure products, DAS, solid-state storage drives, disk controllers, caching appliances, storage virtualization appliances and cloud-integrated storage.


GOLD: SolidFire's SF9605

All-flash pioneer SolidFire added its highest capacity node in the SF9605 plus new data management, protection and security features in its Element OS 8 Oxygen release. Continue Reading


SILVER: Tintri VMstore All-Flash T5000

Tintri is known for virtual machine-aware storage, and that is true of its first all-flash array. The T5000 allows storage to be provisioned without LUNs and NAS mount points. Continue Reading


BRONZE: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) 3PAR StoreServ 20850

The 20850 is the highest capacity and best performing of the HPE 3PAR StoreServ all-flash arrays, which incorporate the thin technologies and data management features used throughout the 3PAR platform. Continue Reading


2015 All-Flash Storage Systems finalists

Finalists in this maturing market include mainly familiar systems that have been upgraded, though a few first forays also made the list. Continue Reading

6Products of the Year winners-

Storage systems: Disk and hybrid systems

Winners in the storage systems: disk and hybrid systems category this year offer some combination of flash storage and traditional spinning disk. Our product finalists in the category include two startups -- a software-only storage vendor, and a firm that markets a midrange hybrid array -- and an established vendor that designed an all-flash version of its legacy storage technology. It is a true representation of the mix of products that fare well in the competition.


GOLD: Qumulo Core

Qumulo claims its Core parallel file system analytics provides intelligence on how data is stored and consumed, including recommendations on archiving, data protection and file deletion. Continue Reading


SILVER: Reduxio HX550

Reduxio's midrange hybrid array handles unlimited snapshots for data recovery to any point in time. Continue Reading


BRONZE: HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8440

The 8440 is a versatile converged hybrid array that uses flash storage to optimize performance while supporting HDDs for lower cost storage. Continue Reading


2015 Hard Disk/Hybrid Storage Systems finalists

Each of the 14 finalists in this category incorporates flash configurations alongside traditional spinning media. Continue Reading

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