An expert's guide to big data storage architecture

Last updated:July 2015

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  • Big data needs big protection
  • Making the storage decision
  • Gain new insights with big data analytics
  • Extending the uses for Hadoop in the data center
  • Working around common Hadoop issues

Editor's note

Designing storage systems that can handle the requirements of big data applications is a task that many storage administrators are starting to tackle in their own environments. In this SearchStorage Ask the Expert guide, John Webster, a senior partner analyst at the firm Evaluator Group based in Boulder, Colo., answers some of the most frequently asked questions on big data storage architecture, including how to spec a storage system for use by big data applications, guidance on protecting big data sets, advice on selecting an object or scale-out file system to manage data, and what to look for when using the Hadoop Distributed File System. Whether you're concerned about using RAID or defining a data warehouse project, Webster's expert analysis offers practical insight into big data architectures and the technology that supports them.