2015 Vault Linux Conference coverage

Last updated:March 2015

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Editor's note

The inaugural Vault Linux Conference kicked off on March 11 in Boston, with the goal of bringing together the leading developers in file systems and storage in the Linux arena. With sessions aimed at researchers, engineers and C-level executives, speakers included representatives from Alibaba, SanDisk and NetApp.

Below we've gathered highlights from the conference sessions, with insight about open-source innovation and the importance of flash and thinking outside the box for cost saving storage solutions.

1Open source technology as a method of data preservation

At the Vault Linux Conference, using open source technology to future proof data was a dominant theme. See what other approaches were recommended and what major challenges storage professionals continue to face.

2Open source community behind in utilizing flash

According to one Vault speaker, the open source community is lagging when it comes to taking full advantage of flash performance. In his session, SanDisk Chief Software Architect Allen Samuels pointed out that until open source works on creating products well-adapted for flash, they will face inefficiencies in the data center.