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July 2014

Cloud storage challenges and choices

Our comprehensive e-book tackles the cloud storage challenges and business decisions that surround cloud storage investments, and breaks them into three areas of concentration: architecture, availability and return on investment.

Get the latest updates on architectural choices when using the cloud for storage, including cloud controllers and application programming interfaces. We provide a short list of technical capabilities to look for in a cloud controller and questions to ask your service provider. Learn which metrics your peers are using to determine if cloud storage projects are meeting their potential, and what sort of service levels you can expect from providers or hybrid projects. Discover how to leverage the most cutting-edge cloud technologies and how not to get taken advantage of when choosing a cloud storage strategy/service.

About The Author

Brien Posey - Microsoft MVP

Brien Posey is a 15-time Microsoft MVP with two decades of IT ...Read More


  • Cloud storage infrastructure explained

    There are key differences in cloud storage infrastructure and the local storage you might be more familiar with -- and it goes beyond the physical location of the storage. Indeed, if the architecture were the same, then cloud storage would be simpler. For starters, it's likely your current storage isn't object based, so bridging the gap to object storage -- or figuring out how to add object storage to your environment -- will be a chief priority on your way to the cloud. Then you need to consider connectivity, and the application programming interfaces and protocols that you will likely wind up talking to a cloud gateway or controller provider about, along with their read-write cache capabilities.

    In this chapter, Brien Posey, a leading technical expert specializing in storage architectures, answers key questions about what to look for in a cloud storage offering, which data is a good fit for the cloud, and how to break a cloud storage project into manageable chunks.

  • How to ensure a high-availability cloud

    High availability and redundancy have always been an important part of local storage, but they're just as important in cloud storage. At first glance, it might seem easy to dismiss these aspects of cloud architecture as beyond your control because the cloud storage provider's internal infrastructure is established. But think again.

    While you might not be able to configure a cloud storage provider's fault-tolerant mechanisms, you can take steps to ensure you have resilient connectivity to cloud storage. Furthermore, there are technologies that allow you to achieve true fault tolerance for cloud storage by implementing technology such as striping data across multiple clouds. In this chapter, Brien Posey, a leading technical expert specializing in storage architectures, answers key questions regarding high-availability cloud storage, fault tolerance and overall reliability in the cloud.

  • Cloud ROI considerations

    When it comes to cloud storage, integrating with your current systems for maximum efficiency is only one piece of a big puzzle. Once the technology is properly understood, there is the task of making the business case for it. Because there is so much talk about low price-entry points for cloud services, there can sometimes be confusion around cloud storage investments as there is more to the topic than pennies-per-gigabyte price points.

    In this e-book chapter, technical expert Brien Posey explains how to accurately estimate the cost and ROI from cloud storage by considering factors such as bandwidth connections, raw storage use, transaction costs and more. Posey guides storage managers through the basics of making a case for cloud storage so that storage, applications and business-side stakeholders can gain valuable insight into this quickly evolving technology.


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