digital film

Digital film is any storage medium (such as a memory card, diskette, or recordable CD) used in a digital camera to capture and store images. A digital camera may require a particular type of storage medium, or may be compatible with a number of different types. As a rule, a digital camera comes with a cable that allows you to transfer images to your computer without removing the storage medium. Otherwise, you move the data from the camera to your computer manually, inserting the medium into the appropriate drive of your computer. Some newer printers also come equipped with slots for memory cards, so that you can print photos without using your computer.

Most digital cameras come with a "starter" memory card. However, this card usually doesn't have much storage capacity - a prime consideration, since a 16MB card in a 3-megapixel (three million pixels) camera can only store about 13 high-resolution JPEG images. The CompactFlash card is a popular choice for digital film that has a top capacity of 1 gigabyte (GB).

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