cloud data management

Cloud data management is a way to manage data across cloud platforms, either with or instead of on-premises storage. The cloud is useful as a data storage tier for disaster recovery, backup, and long-term archiving.

With data management in the cloud, resources can be purchased as needed. Data can also be shared across private and public clouds, as well as in on-premises storage.

A cloud-based data management system takes on the functions required of a traditional data management system modified for the needs of the cloud.

While some platforms can manage and use data across cloud and on-premises environments, cloud data management takes into account that the data stored on-premises and the data stored in the cloud can be subject to completely different practices.

Data stored in the cloud has its own rules for data integrity and security. Traditional data management methods may not apply to the cloud, so having management in place designed for the particular requirements of the cloud is vital.

Components of cloud data management

As with cloud storage, the functions of a cloud data management system will vary between vendors and the conditions outlined in the service-level agreement between the vendor and user.

Challenges and opportunities

The majority of cloud data management challenges are the same drawbacks cited for cloud technologies in general, particularly security and costs. As long as security is a concern with cloud technologies, it will be considered a barrier to cloud data management adoption. However, as more strides are made in cloud-based technologies and it becomes more secure, that reluctance could fade.

The benefits of using cloud data management include consolidation of processes such as backup, disaster recovery, archiving and analytics, and cost savings. Some cloud data management companies also offer ransomware protection, keeping data and applications native to the platform in a secure, immutable format.

Cloud data management companies and products

Rubrik, which brands itself as "the Cloud Data Management Company," is considered a major data management player in the cloud computing space. The vendor's Cloud Data Management scale-out platform uses a single interface to manage data across public and private clouds.

In addition to offering ransomware recovery, Rubrik's platform is the first one to support hybrid cloud environments.

Rubrik's Bipul Sinha provides
an overview of Rubrik and
the vendor's offerings.

Other vendors in the cloud data management space include Commvault, which has a cloud data management platform that supports multiple clouds and on-premises data; and VMware and its vRealize Suite that delivers cloud data management for hybrid cloud environments. Komprise and Red Hat's CloudForms platform also focus on cloud-based data management.

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