bare-metal cloud

Bare-metal cloud is a public cloud service in which the customer rents hardware resources from a remote service provider. 

One of the major benefits of bare-metal cloud is the flexibility it provides. Businesses can customize a bare-metal cloud based to meet their unique requirements and troubleshoot applications without having to worry about neighboring virtual machines (VMs). Public cloud environments are multi-tenant and VMs share the physical server which can result in VMs fighting for resources. Because a bare metal cloud is made up of dedicated servers, this problem is avoided. The bare metal-cloud works well for big data applications or high-transaction workloads that do not tolerate latency

While the flexibility that bare-metal clouds provide is considered to be an advantage, it can also be an added complication because the customer has to configure the hardware themselves.Bare-metal cloud offers typical cloud storage advantages, including the ability to provision and deploy storage on an as-needed basis. Billing for hardware resouces can be  by the hour or for specific periods of time, depending on the customer contract.

Current bare-metal vendors include IBM's SoftLayer, RackSpace Hosting and Internap Network Services.


This was last updated in April 2015

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