Virtual Storage Portal (VSP)

Another meaning for VSP is vertical solutions provider.

Virtual Storage Portal (VSP), a service mark of StorageNetworks, is a software application with a Web browser interface that lets a customer see how much storage is being used, predict future needs, grant access to storage administrators, view performance, and otherwise manage the storage that they have rented from StorageNetworks. As a leading storage service provider, StorageNetworks operates a network of what it calls "storage point-of-presence" data centers. An enterprise or a "dotcom" company with significant storage needs but a lack of expertise in buying and managing storage might choose to outsource its storage from a company like StorageNetworks. VSP allows this particular company's customers to look at its storage infrastructure and otherwise manage and forecast its rented storage resources. VSP is offered free to its customers. StorageNetworks has no immediate plans to market it independently. Like similar companies, StorageNetworks offers "plain old storage space" as well as more expensive backup service and a "zero loss" service.

This was last updated in September 2005

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