SNIA Solid-State Storage Initiative (SSSI)

The Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) is an initiative formed by the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) to help foster and grow the adoption of solid-state storage in enterprise and client environments.

According to SNIA, the SSSI’s goals include becoming the recognized authority for solid-state storage and educating vendors and users about the technology. Other goals include performing benchmark testing, creating vendor-neutral tutorials, and determining and documenting the characteristics and impact of solid-state storage.

SNIA’s initiatives primarily focus on marketing and promoting technologies rather than developing technology specifications. However, the SSSI developed the Solid-State Storage Performance Test Specification (SSS PTS) to standardize performance tests for solid-state devices. The SSS PTS includes a suite of tests and provides performance measurements that buyers can use to accurately compare vendors’ products. The SSSI developed an Enterprise PTS and a Client PTS.

This was last updated in January 2012

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